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Dieta is one of the most ancestral practices to educate people on how to live a life aligned with the Great Spirit and the fundamental laws of nature. This practice is designed to bring humanity to their fullest potential and to teach how to live a purposeful existance in harmony with love. We consider dieta to be one of the cornerstone disciplines to unlock knowledge that all human beings must have in order to walk through the great mystery of existance.


​Types of Dieta :

Healing Dieta
The dieter is cured by the plant spirits teaching, guidance, protection and healing by doing a contract, where the intention is only to heal any kind of bad symptoms physical or energetical.
Where any plant medicine is taken only as a remedy then the plant spirits are aware that you seek specific help. These people are called patients as they only come to improve their health or heal their health issues.

Healing and learning
The dieter receives help from the plant spirits through teaching, guidance, protection and healing by doing a contract, where the intention is to heal and learn. Especially, when we have intentions of learning about curanderismo and wish to become a curandero, then the plant spirits are aware of it and prepare him/her during the dieta.
Students make a commitment to the plant just like entering university, the commitment could be for months or years. And will last until the student is ready to lead ceremonies by himself/herself. In the process, the student will learn the plants and tradition including botany, ayahuasca rituals and preparation of plant remedies.
One of most important terms of a dieta is knowing how long the diet will be kept (duration).



Usually, a dieta is done in isolation to avoid temptations from interaction with people that are not participating or do not understand dieting.
One day, my great-aunt Olivia instructed me, “That while dieting it’s better to wear white clothing. As a student, you must see yourself as a healer/doctor and must always be clean. You must have in your heart and mind. From this seed, you are already becoming a doctor“.

In dieta, the student or curandero sacrifices the physical pleasures which is sex, alcohol, salt, sugar, spices and stimulating foods. In return, the plant will agree to teach, guide, protect and heal, strengthen and bring special abilities to the person doing the dieta.

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