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We are a family of Onanyas healers from the Amazon Rainforest rising from the Arevalos and lopez lineage who conceived Kushi Ayahuasca in the summer of 2014 when the late Maestra Olivia and her son Julian came to visit our Shipibo people in San Jose, Pucallpa.


Maestra Olivia and her son and nephew Wexa Metsa (Marcos Lopez)  began our comprehensive “plant medicine school” with the purpose of providing a safe and effective way for people to learn the path of the heart  and the traditional Amazon plant medicines.

After years of training directly with Maestra Olivia, Wexa metsa ( Marcos lopez ) continues to share the path and the medicine with the help of family i.e. Aunt Maestra Delicia and his grandfather Don Marcos, who hails from even deeper in the Amazon Rainforest  than where the school is located.


We offer ayahuasca retreat with a balance of female and male shipibo healers, experienced western facilitators, flora baths, a vapour baths, purgatives, individual prescribed plant remedies, individuals consultations, high number of ayahuasca ceremonies and nutritional ayahuasca food diet and strong focus how to process and integrate healing, both during and after ayahuasca retreat.

We are a Shipibo-Konibo plant medicine educational and healing center focused on training students under the ancient practice of dieta or sama.

Our goal is to share foundational knowledge from the core of the Shipibo-Konibo medical system for students to apply to their medicine practice and life.

In our center, participants will learn about a spectrum of techniques including saunas, remedies, purgatives, sacred chants, and Ayahuasca ceremonies and dream work. And will recieve powerful guidance from our maestro.



Located deep in the Amazon rainforest close to the Sierra del Divisor National Park in Contamana, Peru. In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon near Pucallpa. 
You will get to experience a traditional Shipibo Conibo Dieta with the guidance of maestros with a high level of transparency, truth, and integrity. 
You will get to learn about the techniques and methods shared in our center as our traditional Vapor bath, plant bath, purgatives, and how to apply the plant remedies in our bodies. You also will learn the structure of the ayahuasca ceremony, how to protect your body, how to use the agua florida or Mapacho, and sing the sacred Ikaros. we are very committed to help and teach everyone who wants to experience this magical way of healing.


Our center dedicates to heal and guide our participants during and in the Ayahuasca healing and outside.

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